Monday, November 16, 2009

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

rough self portrait

These are some of the pictures I've got for my second self portrait. These are all rough images since I haven't thrown them into photoshop quite yet. The whole idea behind it was to be taking off these gloves that in a sense symbolize my mother's 'typical woman' behavior that I've seemed to taken on as my own. I believe I'm going to use the image second from the top for my final. It gives off an almost defeated feel which is something I was hoping to capture. The top one I just threw in since I like it....I'm not sure quite yet if I want to keep them color or turn them into black and whites and attempt to make them look aged in a way, but this is where I'm at so far.

Roger Update

Roger has again been spotted!! As I was walking to class this morning I noticed a cat walking along side the Applied Arts building. Bad news, however, his front right paw seems to be out of commission and he was limping. It seems that this cat is an art fan since this is the second time he's been seen around the art building.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Midway Through

This class for me so far has proven to be pretty beneficial when it comes to my drawing abilities. I have been looking back at my past work from Life Drawing 1 and have seen what I've gotten better at and what I need to improve on. The main focus and the biggest change I have seen would be my self portrait drawings. I feel more comfortable with drawing the face and not so hesitant to start a drawing. I feel that my likeness has improved but could still use quite a bit of work. Here's a link to my drawings so far this semester.....

Even though I feel like I've been improving, I still need to work on quite a bit of things. I would really like to improve on the likeness to my drawings. I am finding that the portraits I have done of other people don't really look like them. Another big thing I could really work on would be the planes on the face and skull, I'm still a bit confused.

For my second self-portrait I really want to focus on some personality traits of mine and just how much they really aren't mine. There are so many things I do without thinking about that I get from my mother. Since I was a kid and just being around my mom all the time I've picked up a lot of her habits and emotional traits. I really want to focus on just how 50's like my house was growing up. My mom didn't work when my parents were married, she would clean and have dinner ready and although this was much appreciated it was unfair to her. Now that I'm older I realize just how much of that mindset I have actually picked up and how much I really wish I hadn't. I really hope to portray this with photography, I've been focusing a lot on Francesca Woodman. I really like the look of her photographs and the simplicity of the environment she puts herself in.

Oh yeah....I'm a graphic designer....

These are a few images I recently had taken of my first project in product and packaging design. I wanted to pick a product that I knew I would really get into so I chose coffee syrups. This project was really difficult to start since I really didn't know what direction to go. The last couple years I was really questioning why I wanted to be in this field in the first place so I'm really trying to incorporate what I like to do with my design work. I really enjoy drawing so everything on this packaging I did by hand and scanned them in and did some minor tweeking in photoshop. I found that by doing this I was able to really get into what I was doing and came out with a better result in the long-run.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Face Off

This would be my first attempt at a full face, but of course being that it's me I started it at the way top right corner of my paper.....I find myself focusing to much on the features on their own than I do on the face as a whole. This in turn makes my features turn out looking like they don't fit.

My favorite part of the face would be the eyes so I posted one of the many eyes I had finished this particular day in class.

This would be my second attempt at a portrait, except this time it's on the full page instead of just one corner. My victim would be Marc, but the likeness however is not there. I really tried for this drawing to look at the whole thing and not try to focus on one particular area for too long. I got a little frustrated with it and eventually gave up on it, but I will hopefully revisit this drawing and eventually figure it out.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Roger Update

I was just recently informed that Roger was spotted Friday night behind Kwik Trip, the same area he was spotted for the first time. He then ran across the road and hide under a car.
......but still no picture.